Apple introduced its new mobile operating system in early summer. For the past three months, the cupertinos are actively testing new OSes, releasing twelve beta versions of iOS 12. The final version of the new Apple’s mobile operating system due out in the second half of September. This conclusion can be reached, focusing on the “experience” of the past.

Two years ago, when cupertinos imagined the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the final version of iOS 10 became available a little less than a week after the presentation – 13 September, Tuesday.

Last year the final version of iOS 11 are somewhat shifted. Apple introduced iPhone X iPhone 8 and 11 September, and 19 cupertinos has released the final build of the new OS. However, it happened again on Tuesday.

Based on these data, we can assume that this year public 12 iOS version will be released on Tuesday – ie to download the new mobile operating system from Apple may be made available on September 18.


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