The wait is very long.

Apple told about the main functions watchOS 5 and announced the release date of the operating system for the Apple Watch. It happened on the evening of 12 September, the “Theatre of Steve jobs” during a large-scale autumn presentation.

What’s new in watchOS 5

watchOS 5 received a number of new features for tracking physical activity and health of the owner. The operating system now automatically detects when a user starts exercising. Apple engineers also added firmware support for new types of activity: Hiking and yoga. The owner of smart watches can call friends on a 7-day competition, the winner of which will receive a special prize in your Activity.

Siri on a smart watch with watch OS 5 became smarter. Now for the voice assistant is not necessary to say “Hey Siri” — just hold his hand and say your query. The firmware also supports a “Quick command” to perform common tasks, and the dial is Siri working with third-party applications.

Another major improvement watchOS 5 — support for WebKit. Owners of the Apple Watch can open links on a web page directly into a smart watch. Apple engineers also added to the operating system the app “Podcasts”.

Otherwise, by comparison with watch OS 4 is now arranged notice. They are grouped by time and applications like in iOS 12. Notifications have become more intuitive, comprehensible and interactive.

Apple added in a new firmware version for the Apple Watch app “Radio”. It allows you to exchange messages with your friends using Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

WatchOS 5 also, there are more minor improvements. This is a new enhancement and color of the dials, the ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks right from clocks and other tweaks.

When will watchOS 5

New version of watch OS will be released to users worldwide September 17. Firmware compatible with the Apple Watch, Series 1, Series 2, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 3 and presented today of the Apple Watch Series 4. Owners of smart watches first generation to this version to be updated can not.


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