At the conference Macworld Boston in 1993, Apple introduced a prototype device called Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone or WALT. This is the first desktop telephone company, created in cooperation with the telephone company BellSouth has not been received. Australian technologer Sonny Dickson has shared a video in which WALT demonstrated in action.

Size Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone is comparable to a tablet. WALT is running Mac System 6 and has a touch screen, the Fax function displayed on the screen caller ID, integrated address book, custom ringtones, and online banking access.

As shown in the video, the phone has some hardware buttons to activate the different functions and works with a connected stylus that you can use for navigation and recording. According to Dixon, the prototypes were delivered with the “unusual” guide that included basic instructions such as “do Not use WALT near the water” and “don’t throw WALT”.

Prototypes WALT was available in light and dark color options. One of the devices were sold in 2012 on eBay for $8000, and one of the gadgets into the hands of the blogger. It is worth noting that some of the components including the hard disk and the operating system macOS 6, the manufacturer borrowed laptop Apple PowerBook 100.

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