Now a smartphone, not even the phone, is almost everyone, and many people own multiple devices. But more recently the mobile phone was the real luxury accessible only to the elite who have enough money to purchase and paying for expensive at the time of cellular communication.

Does anyone know what the history of mobile phones began not with Motorola? In fact, the first mobile phone was developed not just anywhere, but in the Soviet Union!

The first mobile phone

The first mobile phone in the world was created by the Soviet engineer Leonid Kupriyanovich in I. 19657 year. His invention he named after himself — LK-1, and it was a portable phone, weighing 3 kg with a huge battery for 20 hours. The range of this phone was 30 km. in a year Kupriyanovich has released a new model LK-2 weighing 500 grams (photo of it), and that it properly considered the ancestor of the modern mobile phones.

The first cell phone

Well, the first cell phone created already Motorola the head of its division of mobile communication Martin Cooper in 1973 presented a model of the DynaTAC (pictured, along with Cooper). The phone weighed in at 1.15 kg, and he missed just 30 minutes of work, and he charged as much as 10 hours. But he had the screen showing, however, only the dialed numbers.

The first cell phone in Russia

In our country cellular communication of standard NMT-450 came in 1991, together with the operator Delta Telecom. GSM appeared in 1994, with the operator GSM NW. The first cell phone in the country has become the legendary Nokia Mobira Senator, who is very fond of Mikhail Gorbachev. This car cell phone.

The first clamshell

Motorola StarTAC was the first phone in a clamshell form factor. It was released in 1996 and has been incredibly successful worldwide, he has sold 60 million copies. In contrast to the “bricks”, this cell had a small size and weighed only 90 grams, but with the cost about 1000 USD. However, many were willing to pay that kind of money for the opportunity of owning such a stylish device.

The first smartphone

Contrary to expectations, the world’s first smartphone released not Apple — its iPhone came out in 2007, and the history of smart phones began in 1996 with the launch of the IBM Simon. It was really clever at the time, the device — a huge touch screen with stylus, support of Fax and e-mail, built-in Notepad and calculator, and it was worth it as the clamshell Motorola, $ 1,000. But smartphones at that time nobody was interested, and to draw attention to them were only able to Apple after a long 11 years.

The first iPhone

As mentioned above, the first Apple iPhone came out in 2007 and changed the mobile market. No one else wanted to use push-button phones, all began to dream of a phone with a touchscreen, and soon devices of this kind have superseded the push-button dialer from the market once and for all. Apple makes smartphones, and in its collections there are more than 10 models. The release of the new iPhone happens every year.

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