September 13, 1956, was presented the first commercial computer, which was used as a data storage hard disk.

The computer was called the IBM 305 RAMAC was rented for $3200 per month (about $27000, if translated into modern dollars).

The computer weighed more than a ton and had a room of 9 to 15 meters. Hard drive, capable of storing 20 MB, was 152 cm long, 74 cm in width and 172 cm in height. Four disks, each of which was placed 5 MB, had a diameter of 61 cm Speed of rotation of pancakes was only 1200 rpm. IBM boasted that the new device could replace 64,000 punch cards.

September 13, 2006 in San Francisco at a special event for journalists Apple introduced new models of media players and iPod music players iPod nano.

As for media players iPod (he hadn’t called the iPod classic — this retronym the device will receive in 2007), then in September 2006 came only a minor update of the fifth generation appeared on the market in 2005. In the line was still in fact two devices: hard drive 30 GB, as before, and 80 GB instead of 60. In addition, we increased the battery life. Otherwise, the iPod remains the same: with 2.5-inch display, whose resolution was 320×240 pixels. He was also known as the iPod Video, since the iPods could not play videos, and with the fifth generation supported formats MP4 and H. 264.

Presented on the same day of autumn, iPod nano is updated to the second generation, but, again, changes were very few.

Very significant — plastic case that had the player of the first generation and that was a huge amount of complaints for its instability to fingerprint and scratch — was replaced by aluminum. Another significant improvement is the maximum amount of flash memory has increased from 4 to 8 GB. Apple also managed to achieve a significant increase in the autonomy of 24 hours instead of 14.

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