I have in my hand a smartphone from Samsung for 12 thousand rubles. Okay, at the start it sold as much as 14 thousand, but now on Tmall — the only place where it can be bought officially in Russia (Yes, it is officially) — for quite some time hanging 471,80 discount of up to 11 rubles. And for the money it is just perfect. Almost.

In the existence of the Galaxy M20 is difficult to believe. But this is the best proof that Samsung holds the tail guns. That is why the chances of survival for this company after all more than the Apple, which (the smartphone market) is really nothing but those “show-off” left. I say this as a former user of the iPhone, which enjoyed all the smartphones since the iPhone 3G up to the iPhone X, in which it became clear that the company doesn’t know how and where to move, and that Tim cook will never replace Steve jobs.

But back to the Galaxy M20. For 12 thousand rubles smartphone Samsung has everything you need. Save on the small things well from the camera revelations can be expected. But! NFC, USB-C, Full HD, 5000 mAh battery… Well, that’s where you’ll find for the money?

Most of those little things that were neglected (slightly). In fact, from the screen of a smartphone looks cool, except that, if absolutely to carp, stout frame. Yes, there are narrower — can’t argue with that.

The rear is already saving upright plastic so… Chinese. Looks cheap and kind of off with all that glitter. Somehow none of the large manufacturers lack the spirit to do as the Chinese Realme C2 — just abandon the sequins and make high-quality corrugated plastic matte surface.

Still want to mention a strange feeling when touching the fingerprint scanner. Honestly, I don’t know how to describe it… But it seems like from touching there’s something can break. Although, in practice, nothing breaks.

A smartphone in hand heavy 186 grams, no matter how how. What’s inside put? A sinker? However, you can get used. Seriously on ergonomics is not affected.

Bixby buttons on the housing there — and that’s fine, because he Bixby in Russia and not earned.

To the right is the power button and volume rocker.

Left just two slots for nano-SIM and MicroSD. Slot hybrid, and that’s commendable.

Bottom — main beauty. Connector 3.5-mm headset (FM radio supported) and USB-C.


Galaxy M20, the company decided not to use his usual AMOLED displays, and PLS-matrix (you can assume that it is IPS). Personally, I kind of like the matrix even more, but the range of brightness in them, no improvement.

But the resolution failed. Not so often big brands like Sony/LG/Samsun put in such a cheap smartphone Full-HD.

Subjectively, the screen no complaints. Bright, crisp, smartly responds. Except that, to the registration a couple of questions — I have a Samsung never really liked. Everything was colorful, toy, well, some (from desktop) applications menu will not appeal to those who are accustomed to a continuous ribbon of icons and widgets in the Chinese smartphones. But this, again, is subjective.

In the smartphone there is an option “filter blue”. Will continue to nitpick and say that is just the warm shades feature makes the screen of a “swamp” of color.

Performance and autonomy

Galaxy M20-the company uses its own processor Exynos 7904. In terms of performance it is about on the level of Qualcomm Snapdragon 632. A good result overall. The use of fully its own hardware allowed Samsung to perfectly optimize your smartphone. The interface works as smoothly as the flagship to use Galaxy M20 very nice. And I can’t explain why, but M20 is faster than the Galaxy A30 with the same processor and the same Android version. The fact that the M20 was faster than the A30, with “eight” — a fact, but surprisingly, the gap remained even after the upgrade the system.

That’s just autonomy, “not a fountain”. Battery 5000 mAh I expected more. Maybe he’s standing here like “stock” to “in what does not deny”, because the hardware is all the same budget.

In the end — Yes, nothing slows down, not tupit and does not hangs, but a smartphone with 4000 mAh in the tests run longer. Even those who received IPS-matrix. Noticeable, incidentally, that the own processor from Huawei in terms of power consumption is better optimized. And with AMOLED, we get the picture when P30 with its 3650 mAh capacity will discharge slower!


Samsung is one of the leaders in cameras in smartphones. But from the model for 12 thousand rubles, of course, do not expect the same results as a flagship for 60-70 thousand.

However, the camera in Galaxy M20-kept hearty. Globally, whatever the price, I have only one complaint — the autofocus. He often “walks” (including, in the video, and especially at night) and misses. Sometimes it is not immediately clear, got a clear shot or not.

You can also scold and the second module sverkhshirokopolosnykh. He almost always turns the soap in — but it seems that it’s because of the autofocus. Because sometimes a sharp (more or less) still images and sversheniy work.

In any case, by itself swearshirt here on a three — distortion (curvature of straight) does not kompensiruet. That is, it is not a full fisheye, where distortion is so strong that it can even be beautiful, and swearshirt with a straightened geometry. Neither fish nor fowl, in General. Get a wide-angle, but the angle of the photo “the Amateur”.

But the camera here… Good. Can’t afford to praise him, because he is inferior even to many mid-range models. But for 12 thousand rubles, he is very good. Day.

At night, the story is quite different — there is already a decent snapshot will not wait. The same applies to a selfie-camera: a day — well, the room is basic, the night — all bad. The night at this time of year is not very dark — and still does not help.

With videos the situation is similar. For price and available features — not bad, but the rolling shutter (“drunk” camera distortions when cornering) with 30 fps giving a small tilt during fast panning. If I don’t move the camera — looks much better.

Even at night, suddenly something is seen. And the sound is not bad written at the same time.


Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2
Competitor Asus is already slightly obsolete (wide brow), and indeed it is largely inferior to the Samsung Galaxy M20: no USB C, worse range (at the same battery capacity), but it is a little faster, especially in games.

And most importantly — the camera at night much better. Day — not really (for some reason the color Asus the trouble that day), but night — like. On his head better.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
Redmi Note 7 would be a great alternative to the Galaxy M20 (looks prettier, higher performance, camera night far better), but the lack of NFC, it still fails. And autonomy have had much worse. At the same time, discounts are the same model — 14 thousand rubles for the version 3/32 GB.


Perhaps the only serious and objective disadvantage Samsung Galaxy M20 — the quality of shooting at night. Everything else is subjective, even autonomy. That is, specifically for the 5000 mAh autonomy is not enough, but if not look at features — powered smartphone for a really long time.

Among the competitors we see smartphones that night shoot better, but first, for some reason only at night (and day Galaxy M20 is already preferable), and secondly — they are still more expensive, especially if discount on M20 settled.

In fact for 12 thousand roubles in the form of Samsung M20 Galaxy get a smartphone with a good screen, NFC, USB-C, sufficient performance (and a very smooth work of the interface) and a decent daylight camera.

It’s not very comfortable that this smartphone will have to go on TMall Aliexpress, but the goal is achieved — no multiple Navar intermediaries and we got the first Samsung that plug for the back of similar price Honor 8C, ASUS ZenFone and Redmi M2 Max 7. And even without the discount for 14 thousand rubles in the official retail looks better than any competitors, except for Redmi Note 7. What you all and congratulations, and encourage such initiatives Samsung award “Good buy”.

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