Until recently, many believed that Apple completely forgot about your compact desktop computer. But yesterday cupertinos finally updated the Mac mini.


Alas, but to test the new Mac mini was not given. However, this does not negate the fact that Apple updated it looks very stylish – dark color he clearly is. You can also assume that the top versions of the new Mac mini would be of high performance. However, it will be possible to speak after the start of sales.

Meantime, just enjoy the fact that Apple still remembered the “kid” and did not confine himself to a minor update.


In order to create the new Mac mini, Apple took as much as four years. But waiting for the new “mini” is definitely worth it. At first glance, it may seem that he has not changed too much. But this is only a first impression. The new Mac mini is not much different from its predecessor (especially if you forget about the color). However, this does not mean that compact Apple computer does not deserve attention.

The new Mac mini has excellent filling and a decent list of available ports. When you select the new “mini” as before, the first thing to pay attention to the processor – it is better to take stock. But from memory everything is fine. If desired, users will be able to increase its volume.


Despite its compact size, called the new Mac mini is inefficient is unlikely to succeed. Especially when it comes to top-end versions, which can be equipped with a 6-core processor Intel Core of the 8th generation. Mode with sed, this chip delivers up to 4.6 GHz per core.

Also do not forget about the fact that the company significantly increased the maximum amount of RAM that can be equipped with a Mac mini. Now the upper limit is 64 GB.

Forgot cupertinos about other components. In particular, Apple did not equip the Mac mini with a slow HHD or Fusion Drive. They were replaced by faster SSDS, which should further improve the performance of compact nettop Apple.

In the end, the new Mac mini already can hardly be called entry-level computer. Now it is quite productive solution with the possibility of modification based on a fairly wide audience.


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