Apple is exploring the direction of folding devices and working on their own development. The first such product will be a smartphone, as do competitors, and the iPad.

Foldable “Apple” device can appear as early as 2020, but analysts at the Swiss financial holding UBS believe that the “2021 first more likely.” The consumer survey showed that interest in Apple users to the potential folding of the company’s products is growing, and they are willing to pay for it about $600.

At the same time, Samsung “dominates” in the filing of applications for intellectual property relating to technology for foldable displays and devices. UBS predicts that the manufacturer will become the leader of a new direction in the market.

Most susceptible to folding apparatus the region was China, which in turn stimulated the introduction of smartphones with large displays.

Earlier said that Apple retained the first position on the world market of “smart” hours in the second quarter of 2019. The company shipped 5.7 million units, and the share of the Apple Watch was 46.4%.

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