According to the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, is now cupertinos actively working on new displays, which will soon be available in iPad and MacBook. They will be based on the technology of Mini-LED.

One of the key features of a new type of screens will be large number of integrated LEDs. In fact, the entire display will consist of about 10 000 LEDs. In this case, the size of each is less than 200 microns. For comparison, the top-end Apple monitor Pro XDR Display is only 576 LEDs.

Thanks to a technology Mini-LED screens iPad and MacBook will be much brighter, more contrast and a richer image on them. The energy efficiency of displays will improve considerably. In addition the display module must occupy less space.

The exact timing of the appearance of Apple devices with a Mini-LED screens are not specified. However, Ming-Chi Kuo sure that the iPad with a similar display may be presented at the end of next year. The MacBook screen is a new type will appear in 2021.

The analyst believes that Apple is considering different options on how to reduce its dependence on the manufacturers of OLED displays. In particular, from Samsung. Ming-Chi Kuo believes that to produce the Mini-LED screens are more than five companies. Among them are: Epistar, Zhen Ding, Radiant Opto-Electronics, Nichia, Avary Holding and TSMT.


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