Not so long ago, the world saw the book Creative Selection. It was written by Ken Kocienda, UI designer, worked at Apple in the period when he created the iPhone 2G. From the book, it became known that the first Apple smartphone could not get the most convenient touch keyboard with T9 dictionary. However the proposed solution did not like Phil Schiller and Tony Fadell.

Kocienda noted that the user pushed the UI is only one requirement – the keys had to be at least 44 pixels wide. Empirically, it was found that smaller virtual keys is just uncomfortable to use.

According to a former Apple designer, they considered the possibility of creating a keyboard from United keys. In fact, the developers wanted to combine several buttons into one. At that time such a solution has already been used in some push-button phones. And to reduce the number of false taps and bugs, the developers of the concept propose to use a special dictionary T9.

However, a working prototype did not like either Phil Schiller or Tony Fadell. And this is the conclusion they came very quickly – just a couple of minutes.


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