After the first reviews of the MacBook Air 2018 major Western publications began to publish reviews on the new Mac mini. In short: a focus on high performance. But remind of integrated graphics and several increased price.

Tom’s Guide

To date, 2018 Mac mini is the best compact computer from Apple. In terms of performance clearly superior from its predecessors. However, even the basic version of Mac mini 2018 to cope not only with surfing the net and watching movies, but also with more specialized tasks. For example, it is suitable for those who works with sound.

However, despite the performance, the Mac mini is not suitable for games. Everything “rests” in the built-in graphics, which in its capabilities inferior to discrete solutions.

But if serious gaming is not expected, then the Mac mini looks quite appealing. Especially considering that Apple gives users the ability to make the minimum upgrade (increase the RAM) and the computer itself has enough interfaces.


Mac mini 2018 with its compact dimensions it has an enviable performance. However, users are free to buy even the basic version and then independently to improve a little by increasing the amount of RAM. Moreover, this upgrade will not affect the warranty – it will continue. To the not so noticeable features of Mac mini 2018 is attributed the T2 chip. Thanks to him, all the information stored in the memory of “BJ” is better protected.

The main drawback for many will be the increased price. The basic version of Mac mini 2018 is $ 799 and it can alienate some potential buyers. However, despite this price tag, the Mac mini is still the most compact and most importantly affordable Apple computer.


Presented last week, the Mac mini is more expensive than its predecessor at $ 300. However, despite this, the new “mini” is still the most available method for users who want to switch to desktop computers from Apple.

At the same time for $ 799, users get a fairly powerful computer that can cope with many tasks (if they are not related to graphics), and will offer users an impressive set of ports. For example, thanks to just four ports Thunderbolt 3 users to expand the capabilities of “MINICOM”. Also undoubted advantage is support for 4K monitors.


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