The Bank, base Bank of rostec state Corporation, has provided the Institute of electronic control machines them. I. S. Bruk (INEUM), the developer of the computers on the “Elbrusy”, loans and Bank guarantees on ₽ 520 million of the Money allocated for execution of state order, and INEUM, which is a concern “Automatics” will receive an amount exceeding its last year’s revenue in the amount of ₽ 466 million
Thus, we are talking about aggressive lending with the aim of a sharp increase in production volumes. In turn, the management Novikombank’s claims that the creditor plays the role of a single corporate Treasury “rostec”, which not only finances but also oversees. So, the structure of the Bank has specialists who know the problems and prospects of the industry.

In the line of products of concern “Automatics” are high-performance servers “Elbrus-804”, computer control systems on the basis of processors “Elbrus-4C”, desktop, “Elbrus 801М”. Most importantly: all of this technology provides the critical public systems, including the functioning of the payment system “World”, energy, national Railways, domestic servers, data bases of documents of Russian citizens. In fact, provides the real sovereignty of the country.

Also money is allocated for production of the first lightweight and compact custom tablet to domestic chips, including the microprocessor “Elbrus-1S+”. A prototype of this device was presented at the exhibition of security facilities “interpolitekh — 2019”.

The General Director of concern “Automatics” Vladimir Kabanov in this regard said, “In the processor (“Elbrus-1S+” — auth.) has an integrated 3D graphics core, the prototype of the integrated wireless interfaces and receiver GPS/GLONASS. While it has all the properties of the platform “Elbrus” — a power of attorney, the possibilities of information security, a high level of localization of production”.

Despite the promise of “custom” status of the future Russian tablet, Vladimir Kabanov has suggested that “the main customers will be the power structures, oil and gas, energy and transport sector”. All this indirectly indicates the projected high cost of the gadget, in any case, at the initial stage of release.

Note also that the standard operating frequency of the processor core “Elbrus-1S+” is quite a modest 1 GHz, but its performance is assessed on a serious level for the tablet 24-28 GFlops. It has been achieved, experts say, due to the “strong parallelism”, which, however, requires a very complex compiler (the program that the source code for the programming language translates into machine code for the CPU — a bus).

So stand tall questions concerning the reliability of the software. In particular, Intel was forced to simplify the architecture of their processors, unable to cope with the development of sophisticated compilers. From there the programmers heads are literally “smoked” from the logical task that had to be solved. In order not to overburden the reader with technical information, explain where Americans use, say, 3 simple commands, our — 23. However, “Elbrusy” proved its efficiency.

Sure, it’s cool compared to, for example, with “penny” for the poor processor Intel Atom x5-Z8350 rate (1.44-1.92 GHz), the performance of which does not reach 6 GFlops. However, to compete in the consumer electronics market, at least in Russia, planshetnik from the “Automation” should not cost more than $100, and even better $ 50. As for playing “catch-up”, the “Elbrus-1S+” able to compete American products, produced in 2006, for example, with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz frequency, which produces 19.2 GFlops. However, it is not correct to compare these chips, provided “Elbrus-1S+” in the price “of the atom X5”.

On the other hand, American developers of processors and experts in computer technology are Russian developments generally positive, though in the spirit of competition. At the professional forums of experts on the processors can read a lot of negative reviews, the “old” or “necessity is the mother of invention”. However, there are friendly posts.

“It is not necessary to throw Elbrus (Elbrus) in the trash. Thank God we have at least some kind of competitor, because the Chinese have their super computers built on American architecture. We need to compete, otherwise the muscles will traclet”.

“Russia had to develop a heavy OS on a Unix-based GUI, just like how Apple made its latest operating system. Binary compiler with sufficient computing power of the Russian processor may rewrite any code Winblows-Intel code that runs on Elbrus (Elbrus). Instead of keeping these technologies in their labs, Russia needs to commercialize them. But this requires money, which for some reason are paid dubious characters. What you do guys completely crazy”.

“Any processor should work for their money. People have a negative attitude to launch cross-platform programs on slow emulators of the past, because it does not pull the chips. It is strange that in Russia there is no production of wafer boards (a slang designation of the widespread technology of high-k dielectrics, and multiple exposure), since a custom design is required for all types of devices such as, for example, the motherboard for computers. But in any case, nice to see another distortion made “gold for the United States the Yeltsin years”.

In fact, the processors “Elbrus-1S+”, though developed in Russia, physically manufactured abroad, or how modest I write about it the Russian newspaper “are made in capacities of industrial partner MCST (the company that has developed a line of processors “Elbrus”) in compliance with rules of 40 nm process and supplied in CompuServe HFCBGA/1156″.

If the Ministry will still be able to implement the “Strategy of development of electronic industry of Russia for the period till 2030”, it is mass production item units microelectronics technology multiple exposure on the 65-40 nm standards, including “Elbrus-1S+”, will not happen until 2022. But that being said, ideally.

The main obstacle to the development of domestic production of microprocessors is not so much the inability of the curators of “Rostec” to commercialize domestic industry of chips, how low profitability of such projects that gives top managers millions in salaries. In other words, the “top” “Elbrusy” just not interested. If not for security issues, there is no doubt that they have long put a cross.

The second problem is the narrowness of the software, which also need to massively develop. A lot of money and require projects along the lines of automatic Assembly. In other words, requires a systematic approach and multi-billion dollar investment.

Finance, as you know, in the country napryazhenka. Although the income of top managers of state-owned companies comparable to the budgets of individual projects on electronics. This situation is a mess otherwise can not be called, despite frequent statements by President Putin that the pay of top managers a little impossible, or scatter.

Yes, who are they, the West, need? But domestic processors RF really necessary as air.

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