Just recently, Qualcomm announced an update of its flagship processor. Call it a new version of the Snapdragon 855 Plus. And on July 23 the company will present ASUS gaming ROG mobile Phone 2, which will be the first device based on the new processor from Qualcomm.

ROG Phone 2 ran in a multi-core test Geekbench benchmark 4.1, where the smart phone from Asus traveled all the way to its competitors running on Android. The only device that did not succumb to the onslaught of new iPhone XS is the Max from Apple, but it is worth noting that to compare the results of devices running on different operating systems is not quite right.

What is interesting, after Asus ROG Phone 2 there are two other smartphone — ZenFone 6 Zen mode Power Boot and simple ZenFone 6, without acceleration. What about single core test, then there is ROG new Phone stars from the sky is not enough — it is quite easily surpassed the already mentioned iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy S10+.

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