100 megapixels in a smartphone.

Smartphones with 100-megapixel cameras will be on sale until the end of 2019, said senior Director of the Qualcomm product Judd Hip. The first model with unique cameras are launched by manufacturers in China who practice the creation of smartphones with the highest resolution cameras.

Consumers can expect 100-megapixel cameras in smartphones Chinese manufacturers, experts believe. According to them, currently, only Chinese companies the practice of increasing the number of megapixels to create better images. Other companies, including Apple, Samsung and Google, use different tactics, relying on multi-frame technology to increase detail and reduce noise in photos.

Qualcomm has not said what manufacturers will release the first smartphones with a 100-megapixel cameras. It is expected that they will become the leading Chinese manufacturers: Huawei, Xiaomi or Vivo. Also, Qualcomm said that by the end of the year sales are expected to reach a number of smartphones with 64-megapixel cameras.

The actual chips from Qualcomm supports cameras with a maximum resolution of 192 Megapixels. It is possible that in the coming years Chinese manufacturers will reach such targets.

Source: MSP.


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