Recently bloggers have compared the startup performance of applications on the Apple smartphones of the last three generations. But much more interesting to compare a brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max with a competitive device Samsung Galaxy Note10+. That’s what made the authors of the YouTube channel PhoneBuff.

Blogger turned the timer on both smartphones and started to run various applications. Almost immediately Galaxy Note10+ took the lead, but then started to lag in some applications. In the end, in the first round of the test, the flagship phone from Samsung was 10 seconds slower than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

But the second round led the Galaxy Note10+ to the leaders. He was faster by almost 7 seconds. It happened obviously due to the larger amount of RAM in the device from Samsung, as it would leave all applications in memory.

We will remind, the Galaxy Note10+ the amount of RAM is 12 GB, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, apparently, 4 GB.

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