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The state Duma has approved in the first reading a bill banning to sell smartphones, computers and other electronics without pre-installed a Russian software. Why is there such a need, will that complicate the life of Russian consumers of gadgets and why experts speak of the “law against Apple” — in the material RIA Novosti.

Sell Russian

We are talking about entering into the law “On consumer rights protection” paragraph that “upon the sale of certain types of technically complex goods with pre-installed programs <…> the consumer must be capable of using pre-established Russian programs”.

For violation of the new regulations with substantial fines of 30-50 thousand rubles for officials, up to 200 thousand — for companies.

According to legislators, this ensures that players have access to domestic software products and will help the Russian developers to compete with foreign ones.

“The bill is aimed at providing Russian users of the Internet and communication services the ability to use purchased equipment (smartphones, computers, TVs with “smart TV”) without the need to install additional applications, oriented to work with Russian users”, — stated in the explanatory note to the document.

The initiative is already supported by the government.

“The bill will promote the Russian market of information technologies”, — emphasized in the official opinion of the Cabinet of Ministers.


In 2014 “Yandex” has addressed in Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) with the complaint against Google, which make the contracts with manufacturers of Android-devices direct bans on pre-application competitors, including services Russian search engine.

After two years of proceedings, the FAS has fined Google to 438 million rubles and ordered to exclude from the contract conditions that limit the installation services of other developers.

It seemed that the issue is closed, but last year on the market, a new scandal erupted — owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8 complained about the inability to remove mobile social networking application Facebook, “distinguished” numerous leaks of user data.

To resolve the issue once and for all, FAS has prepared a bill on mandatory pre-installation on smartphones and computers, domestic browsers, antiviruses, programs, geolocation (Navigator), and instant messengers, as well as a guaranteed way to remove any pre-installed programs.

In July, the deputies of the state Duma Sergey Zhigarev, Vladimir Gutenev, Oleg Nikolaev and Alexander Yushchenko proposed to preset the domestic applications are also on the Smart TV, and violators of these requirements to be punished by a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles (in the FAS project on fines was not mentioned).

Can not make it

A ban on the sale of electronic devices without the domestic software is planned to introduce from 1 July next year. However, the date is likely to move away.

The fact that a specific list of programs and devices that these apps should be installed, waiting for the government. But there is no consensus on this.

In particular, in the Ministry of communications believe that the final choice should be left up to the owner of the device “based on the feasibility and usefulness of the software.” How to match the perspective of the consumers and the officials is not very clear.

The Institute of development Internet (IRI) as a compromise, proposes a list of applications from which you can choose what you like more. In particular, search engines “Yandex”, “Satellite” and “Rambler” from the postal service “Yandex. Mail”, “Mail” and myMail, from messengers — ICQ, “tamtam” and “Dialogue”. In payment systems — Mir.Pay, and among antivirus, of course, “virus”.

However, experts point to high corruption risks, because instead of competition for the quality of the product between developers will be fierce competition for getting into the registry by any means. This problem has not yet decided what the ban has already moved to 1 January (as expected in a parliamentary bill) on 1 July.

Russia without iPhones

For the vast majority of Russians, the new law will not change anything. All programs listed in the list of IRI, free, so the additional cost of installation would be small and not greatly affect the price of the devices.

We emphasize: we are not talking about the fact that the smartphone will be only Russian app — they just need to be installed along with foreign. That is, no one will have against their will to use Yandex instead of Google or ICQ, instead of a Telegram. Moreover, due to the requirement of the FAS any pre-installed app can be deleted.

Affected only fans of Apple products. The fact that the iOS operating system in principle does not involve Preinstallation of third-party applications. So back in February the company warned that in case of entry into force of the new law of Apple “rethinking business model in Russia.”

Simply put — leave the market, which accounts for a very small share of the turnover of the Corporation. So fans with iPhones will have to fly over new models in Europe or USA.

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