Coming to the end of 2018 and users enthusiastically discussed the development of social networks in 2019, making your predictions and bets. It should be noted, some ideas are really great.

So, Dave Smith suggests that Apple or Google will create a new social network, after all, the former “wunderkind” Facebook Michael sayman prepares some social app in the Google. And Brandon Roy predicts a compiled list of innovations have made the emergence of paid groups in Facebook. Will Pfeffer predicts 10 changes in the Twitter interface. Matt wood believes that the current project Facebookification will continue, but also that the app Instagram will suffer a serious data breach.

But the wave of discussions it is possible to encounter negative comments. Many users are outraged by the leak of data on Facebook, when 1,500 applications from 876 different applications allows you to view photos that they weren’t supposed to have access. Charlie Warzel says the company no longer deserves our data. “It is not easy to leak the email address or password although email certainly leaked is a violation of very personal information, location history, search history, photos,” — said the indignant user.

However, now Instagram is obviously for advertising purposes. Recall that recently the developers of Instagram introduced a new tool by which the user can bookmark any product. Now, it is assumed that in 2019 Instagram will begin to tell brands what products are more popular.


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