The fact that Apple is the role model for many smartphone manufacturers, no longer a secret. Today, the founder of Huawei has openly admitted that he is inspired by the approach of the company to protect user data. Huawei takes the Apple example and promises that never will give the Chinese government the data of its users.

Reasoning Jenvey Ren (Ren Zhengfei) leads CNBC. He explained that Apple for him a role model in how she relates to the protection of confidential information of its users. Strict position of the company in this matter has long been known, and Huawei wants to match it.

Reporters asked Jantaa will provide ever Chinese company user data to the authorities. The founder of Huawei replied in the negative. As proof that the company haven’t done that, Zhengfei recalled about the US that would not miss the opportunity to catch hold of such a fact.

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