The FSB is considering introducing the Russian encryption in the new iPhone models, Samsung and Apple Watch, which without a physical SIM card (technology am). In the power Department explained that this will allow to carry out the orders of the Ministry of communications, according to which the device transmitting the signal needs to work on the Russian cryptography algorithms.

“On December 1, 2019 will come into effect the orders of the Ministry of communications No. 275 and No. 319 on which authentication and identification of subscribers of cellular networks 2G, 3G and 4G must be carried out with the use of cryptography that meets the requirements of the FSB”, — transfers RBC with reference to the answer of the Center for information security and special communications FSB on the request to adopt the technology eSim.

In order to introduce the Russian code in the chips eSim device manufacturers will have to send them to Russia, where in the Institute of precise mechanics and computing machinery named after S. A. Lebedev (the only developer able to carry out the orders of the Ministry of communications) will implement a domestic code. After that, the chips will again send to the manufacturer for installation in the phones or “smart” watches.

eSim (from the English. Embedded, integrated) use to connect to a cellular network without using a physical SIM card: the chip embedded in the smart device at the production stage. In Russia the use of eSIM is not formally allowed. Major cellular operators are against the technology, fearing competition from Western companies. At the Institute of precise mechanics believe that foreign companies hold the keys to cryptographic algorithms that can control the network.

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