Paul Gorodnitsky is about how Samsung is turning into Sony Xperia.

In September 2011 I was standing near the window “Euroset” and stared at the first Galaxy Note. It was a challenge: the smartphone that was more like a GPS Navigator, don’t even pretend to use one hand.

He stood out, he was tearing competitors on the diagonal of the display, and objectively, it became a trendsetter for years to come. Presented a 5.3-inch gadget, the Koreans have smashed the foundations of all the mobile market and suddenly came to success. Since hurricane pace started to increase the screens of smartphones: it is obvious that without Galaxy Note there would be no iPhone Plus.

Unfortunately, the range of Asian plantations cause absolutely other emotions. Last week I watched a presentation Note 9 – it was an infinitely dreary spectacle, a real festival of samopovtorov.

The screen is already huge. Cameras two, the third is not yet fit. The powerful processor, RAM is full, the OS also seems to be optimized together with the clumsy launcher. Even the normal battery – 4000 mAh, just for the day for such a display.

But then it turned out that one of the main pieces of the smartphone in 2018 Samsung did … the internal memory. There is a version for the 128 GB (apparently for wimps), but all the compliments went to a 512-Gigabyte modification.

And the Koreans very sloppy made: they played on the fact that now you don’t have to delete apps to free up space. So imagine the argument, especially when you consider that in the market there are devices that are themselves unnecessary unload (rarely used) content to the cloud, automatically expanding the storage.

Rather, the emphasis on memory – acknowledgement of their own impotence. Yes, the premiere still showed the stylus that now can work as a remote control for a smartphone, but this accessory was not created for people, to just have something to tell during the ceremony. To come up with userkeys for the new S Pen is not so simple: here is why to switch tracks in the player with a stick, if you can make the same buttons on the headset? In short, the feather count is not worth it – in practice its utility is completely changed compared to last year.

And this screen Galaxy Note 9 Samsung is going to sell for a thousand dollars – just like the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium that is too powerful, too large, but also incredibly expensive. The only difference is that the Note line still have some fans, and Sony, they have almost none.

However, if Samsung will not be rebuilt, Koreans will suffer the same fate. Series Note time to kill, and here’s why.

First,the Galaxy Note comes at a lousy time – at the end of the summer, when some people are waiting for iPhone and others buy cheap Samsung flagships. Seriously, the Galaxy Note 8 is 36-37 thousand, and Note 9 – 70, despite the fact that the difference in functions is not significant. Accordingly, the release of the nine Koreans only encourage more sales of the old model. And who wants this business?

Second, internal competition is justified when it brings a considerable profit. Here is an explicit layering and confusion because Note Galaxy 9, is Galaxy S9+ with a stylus, and improved battery. Two models overlap and create confusion – perhaps the Samsung bosses like it.

So Note 9 is finally convinced: Koreans need to go to the annual events. Ideally should get the normal Galaxy S and Galaxy S+ with a huge screen, huge battery and support for stylus. This will clearly play into the hands of Samsung: it makes more sense to have two models with a clear difference than just “smartphone with a large display and smartphone with a very large display” as it is now.

Besides using the annual cycle is much easier to motivate yourself. When there is no intermediate device (now Note), the engineers are forced to the maximum to invest in each flagship, so it was relevant over the next 12 months.

Yes, this is a serious challenge, but if Samsung sincerely hopes to compete with Apple, you have to accept it, and not to focus on clearly communicating the model.


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