The company name Google has become almost synonymous with the Internet, however, and it is followed by other giants of the market began to appear in the scandals. Other websites accuse the search engine monopoly and the theft of content, and US authorities are preparing to check the veracity of these statements. What harm Google causes the Internet and will it become history? Understands columnist “360”.

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It is no secret that last year was one of the most difficult of all the giants of the Internet industry. However, and 2019 promises to be no less interesting: the ground Mark Zuckerberg was still shaking shiver after scandals over egregious abuse of personal data of tens of millions of users. But problems can also wait for the brainchild of another network visionary Sergey Brin.

Gone are the days when the offices of the sites was located in the garage or a cramped Dorm room, a bespectacled staff did all the work on the hand-picked computers. All successful projects from Facebook to Google have long been owned by huge corporate buildings and dispose of huge financial and human resources. That’s just the extent of their responsibility stuck at the level of the carefree nineties and early noughties, when the Internet was perceived as a space for experimentation, free from external laws.

“The agility of the algorithm and no moshenstva”

Okay social network Facebook, which turned out to become the largest global database of the inhabitants of the Land: Zuckerberg and his top managers recently bend over backwards to prove how serious and respectful they are to their users and at the same time honor the laws of all countries where available their service. And what about Google?

It would seem, what could be easier than to organize a job search system. Because its principle is simple: a man enters the word, the algorithm searches for it and gives a list of the most popular sites with its use. Once upon a time it was, but the current giant Google has grown into a real pirate, easily flushing small boats less known sites.

Leave aside all the intricacies and principles of operation of the increasingly complex Google algorithm, I just forget about the countless (and quite convenient) services, which had grown initially extremely simple website with a search string and functional design. Talk about such simple things like song lyrics.

Almost any music fan with Internet access sooner or later you start to Google the words beloved works — is a very useful “trick” to instantly understand what is sung in a fresh clip Rammstein new song or singer Adele, not to mention finding old texts.

Very convenient when you do not have anything more to click and ship, it is enough to Google the name of the song or its author, and the full text POPs up directly on the screen, in the search results. It is convenient for us, but what if you are the author of a small portal that no one else comes?

“Caught red-handed”

The authors of Genius have created a musical analogue of “Wikipedia”. Here you can find not only the lyrics but also to read how they were created, what is behind this or that verse in turnover, to read the biography of the authors. However, a few years ago, they noticed that the traffic began to fall steadily.

To find the cause did not last long: to his amazement, the “Geniuses” saw that the author’s content, the use of which was obtained by a separate license, available to everyone literally cross on the first page of Google naturally, after an appropriate request.

The website owners immediately complained about the unfairness, but the company left their message unheeded. They literally put the virtual moves on the thief began quietly add in lyrics straight and angled apostrophes. It seems to be in a chaotic order, and in fact to any scholar Morse code read a simple message: “Caught red-handed”.

Alas, once known for its eccentric but erudite programmers of such an expert was not. And soon in the Google SERP appeared the text characters in exactly those places where they put the authors Genius. Now disgraced IT-giant knocks on all contractors and promises to deal.

In a short time can deal with by Google. Being one of the few platforms through which the overwhelming flow of Internet traffic, the site pushes air from the lungs of thousands of independent projects that are groaning under the carcass of the most powerful search engine in the world.

“Googleopoly” against the Internet

With the help of this instrument, whose name can be translated as “excerpts”, Google immediately gives short biographies of famous people, pomace historical events, recipes. It also allows you to browse thousands of photos from various sources in quite a decent quality. Perhaps he hasn’t lost a video — this will go to belong to all the same Google platform Youtube.

Worth repeating here that for the end user it is extremely convenient. According to some reports, two-thirds of all mobile “guglani” remain within the site — people just no need to jump to other resources.

However, such aggregation, the suction in the Internet like a vacuum cleaner, destroys the principles on which was founded the Network, and destructive to the producers of original content. At least the same of Wikipedia, which is losing potential volunteers and donors, because “Google slaves” does not even know what it looks like its the first page they would still get all the necessary information.

However, continue indefinitely it may not. The behavior of the four giants — Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google — interested in the U.S. justice Department and Congress. There has long been discussing the possibility of applying the antitrust laws. Google is the least of issues, but his abuse of his influence may be splitting the company into several parts. Similar precedents in American history has been.

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