Another initiative associated with the IMEI.

Members of the Expert Council under the government proposed the introduction of fines for a fake IMEI phones and smartphones. According to the curator of the working group “Communication and IT” of the expert Council Irina Leva, if a citizen after purchasing the phone can not use it — “someone must be to blame”.

In the preliminary version of the draft law specifies different penalties for spoofing IMEI. Individuals proposed fine for 3-4 thousand rubles, officials — 15-30 thousand rubles, legal entities — in the amount of 100 thousand rubles. The Expert Council stressed that the introduction of liability for falsification IMEI will allow you to “balance the interests of citizens and business.”

The bill provides for the establishment of a special service where anyone can verify the authenticity of the acquired IMEI phone or smartphone. On this website users will be able to register the IMEI of their device and thereby make them into a common database.

Earlier the Expert Council proposed to create a single database of IMEI in Russia. The Council want to do check the IMEI and paid to take the Russians for it 100 rubles. Create a database currently only scheduled for 2023.

Source: Statements.


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