Sailfish use for state needs.

By 2021, the officials will move to smartphones running a Russian operating system. It takes 160.2 billion rubles, which will come from the Federal budget, state and local budgets. The first stage of the transition to the new device will start in 2019, reported “Kommersant”.

Employees of state authorities, companies with state participation and other officials plan to transfer the operating system Sailfish from “Rostelecom”. Funds for these needs will come from several sources: 71,3 billion from the Federal budget, 78.2 billion from state companies and 10.7 billion from local budgets. The use of a smartphone on the Sailfish will cost 13.1 thousand rubles per person per year.

Now Sailfish is the bare minimum applications. Is the email client, browser, and other basic tools. However, the OS development is not yet completed. To create the final version requires an additional 2.3 billion rubles. The operating system also planning to rename to reflect its national identity.

Until 2019, officials will continue to use for work purposes, their own smartphones or previously purchased third-party devices.

Source: “Kommersant”


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