In San=Jose on 3 June was held the annual worldwide developers conference Apple (WWDC). The company introduced a number of updates and products. Among them is a new MacPro. The computer for the first time since 2013, made in the classical form instead of cylindrical. Due to the holes and top handles it is very similar to a grater for vegetables.

The Characteristics Of The MacPro:

Processor Intel Xeon. There is a module under 28 cores and 1.5 terabytes of RAM.

Inside you can install 4 video card AMD Radeon Vega Pro, which provide performance of 56 teraflops and 128 gigabytes of memory.

Monitors at 32 inch, support HDR, Retina 6K, P3 and 10 bits and an anti-glare property.

Two port USB-C port and two USB-A, and headphone Jack cordon.

You can install wheels to move the unit.

Price — $5999.

Memes and jokes about the new MacPro

The previous version of the computer because of its cylindrical shape resembled a bucket. Now everyone jokes that the bucket was replaced by a grater for vegetables.

Some brands took advantage of the infopovod and talked about their “alternatives” epplovskoy grater.

Memes and photoshopped pics too.

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