As expected.

Just two days after the start of official sales of iPhone XS iPhone XS Max in Russia, the “gray” version of the smartphone is decently cheaper. Online shops that deal with import iPhone from other countries dropped the price of new items Apple on 4-12 thousand roubles depending on model.

As predicted by Russian experts, the price of the iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone on the grey market promptly went down after the start of official sales. At many online shops you can buy XS iPhone with 64 GB of internal memory for 82 thousand roubles. The official price set on the smartphone by Apple and the largest shops, is 88 thousand rubles.

More likely dropped in price the most expensive new smartphone Apple — iPhone XS Max 512 GB of internal memory. The official price of the “white” model is 127 990 rubles, and the “grey” model in Russia, you can buy over 116 thousand rubles — a difference of almost 12 thousand rubles.

However, as we wrote earlier, all the “grey” iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max are free to work with the Russian operators. Regardless of which country purchased the smartphone, they will have full functionality in Russia.

However, it is important to note that not all online stores that sell “gray” iPhone, is honest. So if you want to buy the “grey” iPhone XS iPhone XS or Max, originally should study the store where you plan to buy.

Previously, we compared the prices the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max in different countries. As in previous years, the most affordable Apple smartphones in the United States, Japan and Hong Kong. The difference with the prices in Russia is from 20 to 35 thousand rubles.


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