Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) sent employees a letter explaining the reasons for removal from the App Store app, which track the movement of police. This program was used by protesters in Hong Kong to avoid detention.

The app is called HKMap.Live. His destruction of Tim cook explained that the company has received reliable information from Hong Kong police on the use HKMap.Live for violence against citizens.

“It’s no secret that technology can be used for good and for evil. This case is no exception. This application allowed you to receive reports about the location of police, places of protest and other information. By itself, this information is harmless. However, over the last few days we have received information from the Hong Kong Office of cyber security and technology crime, and users from Hong Kong that the malicious app was used to prosecute individual employees and for attacks on persons and property, where there is no police” — wrote Tim cook.

The statement of the head of Apple criticized, as the developers of the HKma.Live said that the app was created to help the protesters.

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