BEIJING, April 3. /Offset. TASS Zoe Rusinova/. It is difficult to imagine the inhabitants of modern China without the phone in the hands of the gadget is a tool of communication, paying bills, online shopping and other numerous tasks. Often this way of life develops into dependence on electronic devices, to cope with which, according to the founder of Chinese Internet company Baidu’s Robin Li, will help the technology of artificial intelligence (AI).

“Over the past 20 years, Chinese people have become increasingly dependent on their mobile phones, which replace the communication device, wallet, and perform many other functions,” said Robin Li, whose words on Wednesday leads portal “Zhongguo Sylvanian”. “In the next two decades, this tendency will go on recession, — continued the head of Baidu. — This will occur through the development and introduction of technologies of artificial intelligence”.

According to the founder of the company, “the daily life of modern man is equipped with sensors that will respond to the needs of the people and as efficiently as possible to satisfy them”. “The potential for the introduction of AI technology exists in every industry,” said Robin Li and added that “China will be a bright proof.”

“China is already faced with difficulties unknown in other parts of the world, — said the head of the company, bearing in mind the dependence on gadgets. Therefore, we will find creative solutions and to move towards the use of innovation.”

Recently, the company Baidu has provided significant income growth through continuous investment in the technology AI. At the same time the company abandoned the non-core business lines.

In the beginning of 2018 Baidu has released a “smart” column Xiaodu, and led the joint development with the Chinese automaker of King Long Motor and technology company Neolix Technologies in the area of unmanned vehicles.

The company also owns an operating system with integrated elements of artificial intelligence DuerOS. Monthly Baidu receives millions of applications for it to download.

In October last year, the Internet has become the first Chinese company to join the “Partnership for artificial intelligence” (Partnership on AI, PAI), which includes, in particular, Google, Apple and Facebook.

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