Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the world’s largest electronics manufacturer, Foxconn Terry GOU said that will participate in the elections of the President of Taiwan, which will take place next year, Bloomberg reports. GOU is going to participate in the primaries of the Pro-China opposition party, Kuomintang. “If I win, I will participate in the 2020 elections from the party”, he added, noting that its key values are “peace, stability, economy and future.”

On Wednesday, GOU (pictured below in the blue baseball cap) visited a temple in Taipei and spoke with potential voters. He said that thinking about a political career he was forced to sea goddess Mazu, who appeared to him in a dream. “Today the goddess matsu told me that I have to be inspired by her example and to do good things for those who are suffering, to give these young people hope to maintain peace on both sides of the Taiwan Strait,” — said the billionaire.

Foxconn’s Gou to ‘follow order of sea goddess’ in Taiwan vote; yet to declare presidential run: Terry Gou, chairman of Apple supplier Foxconn, said on Wednesday he “will follow the instruction” of a sea goddess who has told him to run in Taiwan’s…

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Matsu is popular in Taiwan goddess, explains Reuters. It is believed that she protects fishermen and sailors, but also can provide security and wealth. In particular, the GOU has linked with the will of the goddess GOU the success of your business and future economic prosperity, which, he believes, will inevitably be Taiwan. The businessman noted that waiting until the gods will vote and decide whether he can win.

Presidential elections on Taiwan will take place in 2020. The key to all potential candidates, the theme will be the relationship with Beijing. The latter adheres to the so-called one-China policy and considers Taiwan one of its provinces. “2020 is the key for Taiwan. The reason for the complex situation around China in what is now turning point for politics, economy and defense of Taiwan, which will define the next 20 years the history of the country.”

GOU is the richest businessman of Taiwan, according to Forbes. In the global ranking of Forbes, he is the 257-th place. His fortune is estimated at $6.3 billion Recently, he said that in the coming months plans to resign from leadership positions in the company. “I’m working to either a back seat or retire, said 68-year-old GOU. — I am involved in the main areas of work of the company, but not in the daily process.”

Goa is known for its religiosity, says Bloomberg: in the factories of Foxconn around the world, you can find Taoist totems. Way to young. The founder of Foxconn decided to depart from the company

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