NEW YORK, June 17. /TASS/. Google has set the task to bring the total amount of extremist content into their services and platforms to the level below 1%, but will not be able to get rid of it 100%. This was announced Monday in an interview with CNBC, CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai.

He was asked whether Google staff to filter and to remove the information of extremist content. “We started to handle it much better by combining the use of equipment and mobilization of staff,” said Pichai. “Even if at a particular moment we do the job 99%, you still can find some examples [content, extremist content]”, — he admitted.

Google CEO explained that in any large system is difficult to eliminate all costs completely. “Our goal is to bring the indicators to a level significantly below 1%”, — informed Pichai, recognizing that the zero indicator of malicious content on Google platforms unattainable.

The US President Donald trump has repeatedly raised allegations that the administration of the largest social networks Facebook and Twitter, and search engines such as Google to suppress the voices of conservative audiences and hiding positive information and news about the situation in the United States during his presidency. He also pointed to the alleged manipulation of search results of news about him.

As previously reported by Reuters, U.S. authorities are preparing to launch a large-scale investigation against Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google to check for possible violations of antitrust laws. Simultaneously, on the beginning of own investigation declared Democrats in the House of representatives of the Congress of the United States.

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