Guide Huawei against the fact that Beijing has taken action against Apple in response to the US decision to make this Chinese telecommunication company in the black list. This was stated by CEO of Huawei Ren Zhengfei, in an interview posted Sunday on the website of the Agency Bloomberg, reports TASS.

“First of all, this won’t happen. Second, if this happens, I’m the first to protest”, — he assured. “Apple is a leading company in the world, without it there would be mobile Internet. If it were not for Apple to help show us the whole world, we would not have seen the beauty of the world,” explained Ren Zhengfei. He called the us company to be their teacher. “He is our eyes moving forward. Why would I want to resist his teacher. I would never do that,” promised the head of the Chinese company. Ren Zhengfei, admitted that the US actions lead to the reduction of isolation of Huawei from its competitors in the field of technology of 5G communication standard. “Definitely, we slow down, if the wings of our aircraft full of holes. If we fly slowly and others fast, they’ll catch us up quickly. However, we will continue to eliminate these holes and when they will not, again fly fast”, so said the head of Huawei.

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