Founder of the Chinese giant Huawei, Ren Zhengfei made an official statement to reporters in which he told that the operating system HarmonyOS developed within the company, within the next two years will be sufficiently Mature to compete with the most popular global operating system.

Interestingly, publicly the new OS from Huawei was presented not so long ago — in August, so that such Napoleonic plans in a short timeframe look like the groundwork for a new technological marvel from the Chinese. On the other hand, is possible with these conversations, the head of Huawei is trying to put pressure on their ex-partners from the United States, so they panicked and made every effort for the soonest possible settlement of the situation between technogiant and the US government. In any case, the fact that Huawei is so hard working on their own HarmonyOS is a sign of seriousness.

But with all this, it is important to note that Ren Zhengfei in almost every interview and public statement emphasizes the fact that in his opinion, Huawei should continue to use the Android operating system and stay prone to “friendly cooperation” with Google.

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