So he was responding to the statement that it carefully assess the issue of “disputed borders”, in response to criticism of the fact that Apple ranked as the Crimea to Russia. “If to speak about Crimea, it is not a question of “disputed borders”. This is the land which Russia invaded in defiance of international law, and this land belongs to Ukraine”, — said the Minister on Saturday on Twitter.

“The language of international law should not be manipulated for economic gain,” — said L. linkyavichyus.

With the environment in the application “Apple”, used in Russia, as Crimea demonstrated the Russian territory. If you connect from other countries, the Peninsula does not belong to anyone.

Apple claims that it has made changes for Russian users, in response to Russian laws, but now have decided to carefully review the international legal standards and laws of the United States.

Russia annexed the Ukrainian Crimea in 2014. For this reason, the West imposed sanctions against Moscow and urged to return the Peninsula to Ukraine.

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