It seems that Telegram is more work.

Last week intelligence sources “of the Russian service Bi-bi-si” has declared that Roskomnadzor plans to create a new system for blocking Telegram and other banned in Russia web services worth 20 billion rubles. Today, the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov said that the Agency did nothing of what was said in the publication of Bi-bi-si. Roskomnadzor is not sent to the Ministry of Finance no requests for the allocation of 20 billion rubles for the creation of a new locking system.

Lock Telegram in Russia

Zharov noted that Roskomnadzor, however, continues to improve the existing system of locks restricted resources in Russia. According to the head of Department, work is underway to pinpoint the blocking of sites and services, as “it may require in emergency.” But Zharov said that it is too early to say that any particular system is ready and it is necessary to allocate “so many rubles”.

Thus, Roskomnadzor, has officially denied the information about creation in Russia of a new universal system of blocking of restricted sites. We will remind that the publication “Bi-bi-si” it was about really effective system of interception of traffic, through which the Agency would be able to track any traffic is officially blocked in Russia of the sites and services.

Source: Kommersant.


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