We will remind that on March 10, 2017, the President of the Republic of Korea Park Geun-Hye was prematurely withdrawn by the Constitutional court of Kazakhstan from the leader of the country and then arrested. First she got one sentence and then the court of appeal again considered her case. In the end, she was sentenced to a total of 32 years of imprisonment and heavy fine for corruption, abuse of power, misuse of public funds, interference in elections and other crimes. Her friend Choi sung-SIL, which did not occupy official positions, but had the close relationship with Pak great influence on business and politics, was sentenced to 20 years in prison and a heavy fine. The story with the Vice President of Samsung Electronics Lee Jae-Yung, who actually manages the main concern of South Korea, is more complex. First, he received five years for corruption and giving bribes to Choi sung-SIL, but then the sentence was commuted to a suspended sentence — two and a half years, suspended for four years.

The decision of the Supreme court (SC) of Kazakhstan has effectively summarized the new findings, decisions and facts, which was opened during the still ongoing investigations on the case around the Park Geun-Hye and Choi sung-SIL. In addition, 13 of the judges pointed out the mistakes in action colleagues in the lower courts.

The verdict of the Supreme court, which attracted great attention, extremely long, full of legal terms and explanations. If we talk quite simply, the armed forces sent the case for review, appointed a new trial, simultaneously putting where, in his opinion, the judge previously made mistakes. In the case of Park Geun-Hye stated that the accusations of corruption and bribery was made a separate case and treated in an independent manner. In the end, as ex-President Park and her ex-girlfriend Choi sung SIL are waiting for a new trial.

Almost all experts believe that it will not go for acquittal and Pak Choi, as a significant part of the charges recognized, because the probability of two politicians on the freedom close to zero. Most experts believe that all will eventually end in increase in the total punishment Park Geun-Hye and Choi sung-SIL in the light of the new facts, evidence and arguments.

Foreign readers may be surprised, but much more media attention in South Korea was not confined to the fate of the former leader or its Trustee, and to the Vice-President of Samsung Electronics Lee Jae-Yong, who is the de facto sole leader of the largest group of the country, as formal President of the company in old age and for several years, is in a coma. The situation If interesting that Samsung Electronics is considered a “special concern” for its scope and impact on all aspects of Korea, including politics. Until now, the heads of all the major corporations of Korea on various charges, but managed to visit in prison, having received “real time”. Everyone but Samsung. The top leadership of this group despite all the scandals he managed to get away with fines and probation. It happened with Lee Jae-Yung. He was accused of corruption, the transfer of bribes to Choi sung SIL and Park Geun-Hye in exchange for help in gaining control over the Samsung Corporation, abuse of authority and other violations of the law. First, as it seemed, the court “made history”, and sentenced him to five years in prison, but then on appeal, allegations of corruption had reduced most of the charges removed, and the sentence was replaced by a conditional and the end was released. Although he had long enough to sit in the chamber, but still, as said, the Korean Samsung Electronics again failed to put really.”

But today over Samsung Electronics in General, and over his head Lee Jae-Yung in particular again the clouds gathered. In the end it may happen, or what will be behind bars as it is paradoxical sounds, because of the horses. Verhovye court of Kazakhstan did not agree with the decision of the court of appeal, which found that 3.4 billion won (approx 2.8 million) spent by Samsung on the purchase of three horses for the daughter of Choi sun-SIL Choi Yu RA, is not a bribe. According to the Supreme judges, these funds are a bribe, they should be considered. A bribe should be considered and 1 billion 600 million won that Samsung donated for Elite winter sports, which was controlled by Choi sung-SIL. Judges also found other flaws in the decision of the court of appeal, who had not admitted a number of allegations against Lee Jae-Yong. If the appeals court pleaded not guilty Whether the three charges, today the Supreme court found that two of the charges of those three is justified.

In the end it all for “the main businessman of South Korea” means that he will be tried again and is now a very high chance that he eventually will receive “real time”. However, there are those who believe that the notorious “special factor” and the impact of a “state within a state”, as often referred to as Samsung Electronics in Korea, will play a role this time. Nevertheless, it is clear that Lee Jae Yong’s new issues, and it could end badly for him.

Samsung Electronics has already acknowledged that they met the news, to put it mildly, without joy and prepare for various scenarios. The company is the largest and most popular in the country, having a huge impact on the national economy, but at the same time, going through difficult times. Competition with Chinese manufacturers, Apple, the conflict with Japan, which the company has lost a number of important components, not the rosy situation in the world economy — all this and so inspired concern, and there is now also the chief who held the key directions under the personal control can be put in jail for a few years. The Federation of Korean manufacturers have already expressed concern about the possible negative effects of the situation around Samsung Electronics for the economy as a whole against the background of economic conflict with Japan, but this is unlikely to influence the Korean court.

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