The head of the ruling German CDU Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer condemned for a joke about gender-neutral toilets. She, like her predecessor, Angela Merkel, has to balance between Western liberalism and traditional values that underlie the party. Relationship with the LGBT community is extremely important to the Western world and can lead to policy success, and to finish his career.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, head of the ruling German Christian democratic Union (CDU), spoke ironically about the presence of gender-neutral toilets in the Berlin schools, and was subjected to sharp criticism.

The politician took part in the program of the public TV station SWR in honor of the celebration of carnival in Baden-württemberg. The head of the CDU said in a joking speech in which he commented on the creation of toilets for intersex people.

“You look at today’s men. A person who was recently in Berlin, is familiar with the faction “latte macchiato”, which introduces the toilets for the third floor. It’s for men who don’t know, do they have more right to pee standing up or already have to do it sitting,” said crump, Karrenbauer.

German LGBT activists, however, did not appreciate the sense of humor of the head of the CDU. In social media sparked the debate, in which many criticized policy. Among colleagues crump-Karrenbauer also there were those who condemned her statement.

The Senator of Berlin for culture Klaus Lederer called the incident a “tragedy.” In his opinion, the head of the CDU affects those who “do not meet current macho rules.” The Secretary-General of the Social democratic party of Germany Lars Klingbeil believes that the statement crump, Karrenbauer “totally disrespectful” towards intersex people.

“The Chairman of the largest party in the Bundestag ought not to condemn different groups of people using carnival holidays as an excuse,” said the Deputy mayor of Berlin, Klaus Lederer.

In addition, many remembered that last year the name of the successor to Angela Merkel has surfaced in discussions of LGBT activists.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer takes a rather conservative views. She opposed the legalization of same-sex marriages, placing them on a par with incest and polygamy, for which he received from non-governmental organizations Enough is Enough the title of “Miss Homophobia 2018”.

When the end of 2018, Germany had to decide who stands at the head of the party, many recalled this episode Kramp-Karrenbauer. For European politicians it is important to fit into the framework of democratic values and tolerance. And the Merkel, experienced in politics player, committed to traditional values, had to shy away from statements causing conviction among the LGBT community. When the German Parliament in 2017 to decide the question of gay marriage, the Chancellor voted against this initiative.

“For me, the marriage, according to the Basic law, is the Union of man and woman, — explained his position after the vote, the Chancellor. And so today, I did not vote for this bill”.

Angela Merkel has always opposed gay marriage. It is recognized that the Chancellor has to balance between two fires: on the one hand, it needs to be the leader of Western liberalism, on the other — Merkel needed to represent the party supported traditional values.

However, an experienced Merkel knows how to balance: expressing their point of view, she urged MPs to vote “according to conscience” and reiterated that he opposes discrimination.

The question of the attitude towards the LGBT community remains relevant in the Eastern European countries that are not willing to share the position of Brussels in all matters. One of the reasons for the contradictions within the EU was the question of legalization of same-sex marriage.

In Romania same-sex relationships were no longer regarded as a crime only in 2001, much later than in other European countries: the Church in this country has a great influence. Policy of the European Union increasingly alarmed the Romanian politicians and activists. As a result, the group of citizens calling themselves the “Coalition for family”, has begun an active campaign against the LGBT community. In this campaign, activists introduced a bill that proposes to amend the Constitution, replacing the concept of “spouse” to “a man and a woman.”

The initiative has collected three million signatures. The project, effectively putting an end to the legalization of gay marriage has received support from the ruling Social democratic party, which aroused the indignation of the Western activists of the LGBT movement. For the initiative voted 232 representative of the chamber of deputies, against were only 22, 13 abstained.

“Expression of hatred of LGBT people from marginal trends have become commonplace and this has an impact on many populations, and between the rights of all minorities, without exception, will be called into question. Nationwide banners that urge people to vote to protect children from gays” — said the activist of the human rights group “MozaiQ” Vlad Whiskey.

Romania had to hold a referendum, which attracted the attention of the whole Europe. However, the low turnout was not allowed to amend the Constitution. Many thought that the referendum was for the ruling party “test of popularity”, which she failed.

Moral support Romania is providing to Poland. In the Constitution, marriage is defined as Union between man and woman. President Andrzej Duda clearly stated that to amend the Constitution will not, and polls show the full support of the society with the head of state.

“I repeat unambiguous: marriage in accordance with the Constitution of Poland is the Union between a man and a woman,” he said.

It should be noted that Duda has used its veto for the first time after taking office to prevent the adoption of a law on simplifying the procedure of re-registration of sex.

If the German politicians have to balance between two opposite sides, the poles openly Express their negative attitude towards LGBT people, did not mince words.

“Homosexuals should not be isolated from society, but should not operate, for example, school teachers. Active homosexuals exactly, in any case,” — said the former Prime Minister of Poland Jaroslaw Kaczynski in 2015.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Poland, Joachim Brudzinski blamed gays for insulting the honor of the national flag of the country, when they put on the background of your image. Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro defended a printer who refused to obey the order of the homosexual.

This policy led to a confrontation between the LGBT community and defenders of traditional values. In October, authorities of Lublin city was not allowed to hold a gay pride parade. However, the activists took to the streets of the city. Together with them there were and opponents of the March that led to clashes. In addition, the rhetoric of the Polish authorities, which is contrary to liberal values, has become another reason for the deterioration of relations between Brussels and Warsaw.

However, in a country such as the UK, the difference in views may be cause for political scandal. In June 2017, the leader of the liberal democratic party of great Britain Tim’s farron announced his resignation. The reason, according to policy, was the impossibility of combining religion and politics of the party.

“To be a political leader, especially a progressive liberal party, and live as a devoted Christian, follow the biblical teachings, is impossible”, — reported in the statement of Ferrona.

Throughout the election campaign of Ferrona pursued questions about his views on homosexuality. He felt that the media placed emphasis not on the campaign trail of the party, and the personal views of its head.

“I started to be suspicious because of my faith. So we are deluding ourselves if we affirm that we live in a tolerant, liberal society. That’s why I decided to leave the post of leader of the liberal Democrats,” he said.

Policies diligently tried to evade journalists ‘ questions whether he thinks that homosexuality is a sin. “We are all sinners… My favorite quote — “in another’s eye we see a grain of sand, and your not able to see the logs”, — said the politician. However, to distance himself from the subject he has failed. According to party colleagues, the controversial views of Ferrona on LGBT rights has prevented the liberal Democrats to gain more seats in Parliament.

In addition, a member of the liberal democratic party, outdoor homosexual, Lord Brian Paddick resigned as shadow Minister of internal Affairs because of “some views” of Ferrona, which also caused damage to his political career.

The main confrontation with the LGBT community started in the United States after coming to power of Donald trump. The White house has made several steps that are unleashed in the United States have seemingly settled the conflict. Two years ago, Donald trump has denied transgender people the right to choose toilets in schools. Six months later he was forbidden to accept transgender people into the army, citing the “enormous medical expenses and confusion”.

“You can’t force them [the sun] spend a lot of money on medical care of transgender people and bring them to endure the destabilization,” said trump.

In October 2018, The News York Times published a copy of a Memorandum from the Ministry of health, which reported on new developments. According to information published in the publication, the presidential administration is considering the introduction of a legal definition of sex, which provides biological sex at birth. Such a step may deprive transgender people official recognition.

The American community was struck by the fact that the government can consider a similar initiative. More than 50 U.S. companies, including Google, Apple, Facebook, and Uber, sent the White house an open letter in which he opposed such decisions.

Criticism of the President has fallen politicians, artists, representatives of show-business, scientists, human rights activists. The President, however, has not made any specifics on this issue. He said that the issue of transgender is studied: “We need to protect all people in the country. I want to protect our country.”

Politics Donald trump has found support from another leader. The President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro an ardent supporter of right-wing populism. As the American leader, Bolsonaro, didn’t mince words during the election campaign, which the winning policy in elections of the President struck the Western community.

For example, he said, “I can’t love a gay son. I will not prevaricate. Better let die in a disaster, but doesn’t come home with some mustached man.” Once Bolsonaro in his speech, he compared homosexuality with pedophilia.

When the election results of the ratings showed that Bolsonaro leader, in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and many European cities held rallies against him. However, the views of politics did not prevent him from winning the presidential election: “I am accused of attacks on women, blacks, gays, indigenous people. If all this were true, could I win the election, spending at least $ 1 million?”

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