In the past, the network has already appeared information about when Apple will unveil their new iPhone. According to analysts, iPhone 11 can be presented on 10 September, and on the shelves of the novelty will be available in about a week and a half. Today some details about the upcoming announcement were shared by the President of the Japanese telecommunications Corporation SoftBank Ken Miyauchi.

Nothing specific Miyauchi announced. Communicating with investors, he hinted that the iPhone 11 will be on sale September 20. However, the exact date still has not been named. Previously, such information was shared and other sources. So the head of SoftBank simply confirmed existing data.

At the moment the main “intrigue” in the case of the iPhone 11 is the cost of new Apple smartphones. Some experts believe that this year cupertinos might raise prices on some models. There are those who report maintaining last year’s prices. According to analysts, the rising cost iPhone may deter some users. If we are to believe the many rumors, the noticeable changes in the iPhone 11 will not. So analysts don’t expect the new Apple smartphones are no records.


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