10 years ago Renault introduced the car technology TomTom: hardware, software, maps and connectivity. The company also provided the SIM card.

TomTom have had a web application for updating the cards, personalizing devices, and they provided customer service. People will call TomTom if they have a problem, not Renault.

In October last year, TomTom announced the expansion of its deal with PSA Group for the provision of navigational components after 2020.

The deal includes maps, routing and traffic information for the brands Peugeot, Citroen DS, Opel and Vauxhall.

General setup of the development is different. The number of partners who together have dramatically increased. This people should work as part of the ecosystem.

There’s a lot more of the work of the interface to determine how to connect things and how to check that everything works together without problems.

What is the problem of Autonomous driving from the perspective of the cards? Basemap. TomTom maps or reassigns the road in high definition for Autonomous driving. This evolution of the standard mapping.

The company will use the data from the sensors on Autonomous vehicles and send them to the cloud to generate a map updates at any time when they are relevant and then send them to the car.

They use what is called “automatic flow”. This ensures that your Autonomous car will get the latest available map of where he was.

In TomTom think they have the best ecosystem mapping high resolution for industry Autonomous driving. Ultimately, users want to be confident that the machine knows what to do.

Apple is a customer of TomTom. Card companies are used on the iPhone. Uber also uses the technology, and Microsoft Azure uses the technology of location TomTom. These businesses are increasingly using TomTom maps, software, and services for their own purposes and for their customers.

Google recently won a job at Volvo, previously owned TomTom.

Google previously was a customer of TomTom maps, but they decided to do their job. At the moment Google introduces embedded systems (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and Volvo announced the deals on the introduction of the Android operating system in their cars).

TomTom not Garmin considers a serious competitor. According to them, Garmin do not have a large asset card. They are more engaged in equipment, and aircraft and shipping, so they diversified.

In General, the actions TomTom was clear from the very beginning of the automotive strategy, and it is advantageous to have key assets, namely cards, software and related services. This distinction is crucial.

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