Streaming app All Out Studio will be available to users of iOS and Apple TV, July 11. In the starting directory will be located more than 35 hours of video content from popular magazines that Hearst publishes such as Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan and Runner’s World is 15 courses fitness workouts developed exclusively for the new platform.

According to the company, the decision to launch streaming service was made on the results of the survey of the audience — 75% of respondents expressed a desire to obtain such a product.

“We found that our audience need a good range of video courses in fitness, not individual videos. If our platform becomes successful, we will consider other areas of application,” comments Vice President, custom products Hearst Sewed Shah.

A subscription to All Out Studio can be arrange for $15 per month, a one-time annual subscription cost of $100.

Many publishers are turning to streaming video format in the fall of revenue from paper editions. Traditional competitor, Hearst, Condé Nast has launched two OTT channel and will soon start the third. Strategy new online media such as Buzzfeed, is using videos as one of the most important marketing channels.

SOURCE: Digital TV Europe

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