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In the United States begins a new trend. Large service centers have started to buy various models of b/u iPhone, to restore them to fully working condition and put them to the hull in bright colors. As a result, consumers get the possibility of purchasing a refurbished iPhone at a reduced price with a truly original colors that significantly refresh the appearance of the devices.

A new trend was set by the Remade company, which first revealed informally restored the iPhone in different colors. Company executives said that the painting of the iPhone is performed with a special patented technology. Due to this iPhone case get vivid color, highly stand out against the strict traditional colors of Apple’s smartphone.

Experts Remade restore used iPhone to fully working condition. Do not buy smartphones with serious damage, as in this case, proper operation of the iPhone may be broken. In the process of the repair using only original parts.

In the Remade plan to not only sell refurbished iPhone with bright buildings, but also to establish the body’s own production of the smartphone users. How much will it cost this service is currently unknown.

Source: DT.


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