37 years ago, September 5, 1982, the American company “unison Corporation” with the assistance of the public broadcaster conducted the first space teleconference Moscow (USSR) — Los Angeles (USA).

The huge portable screens in Glen Helen Park, near Los Angeles, and on large monitors, the 3rd Studio of the Ostankino television center the program participants were able to communicate with each other. Space teleconference linked the 250 million Americans — the youth festival “We,” gathered outside Los Angeles, and their Soviet peers who were in the Studio Ostankino. The idea to organize the first teleconference on the American side belonged to the technical genius Steve Wozniak, the Creator of the personal computer and co-founder of the company “Apple Computer”, and the Soviet — screenwriter Joseph Goldine. The participants of the teleconference could not only see each other, ask questions and hear the answers, but also to the musical dialogue.

About the possibility of the organization of videoconferences between the countries was conceived in 1982 after holding a rock festival in San Bernardino, California. The organizers used a giant — 2-3-storey house — TV screens to the festival were able to watch a greater number of people. This decision spawned the idea to blend with the space telecommunications two similar screen installed in city squares in different parts of the Earth to the audience in front of them people could simultaneously be audience and participants is unknown before the TV event.

In today’s world, the videoconferences are no longer restricted to showing the variety and mutual greetings. On their site are discussions on socio-political issues in which both sides are involved eminent experts, scientists, public figures and journalists. Teleconferences have become a new channel of communication, an integral part of the exchange of views on important current issues.

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