According to new reports, the Huawei employee tried to probe vendor applications for the latest version of “smart” hours. A report from The Information says that it is only a part of the plan of the Chinese company, the ultimate aim is to acquire a trade secret of Apple.

In his report from The Information refers to an unnamed third-party sources who claim that Huawei has instructed the staff to obtain information about the heart rate monitor in the Apple Watch and the MacBook Pro cables.

Apple employees are convinced that this is part of a plan Huawei, under which the Chinese company collects information about the technologies of competitors. The representative of Huawei denied The Information published information, representatives from Apple at this stage declined to comment.

Recall that the main experts of the UK on cyber security believe that any risk that can represent the equipment supplied by Chinese company Huawei, can be brought under control.

National cybersecurity center did not go to the United States, whose attempts to persuade other countries to abandon the supply of Huawei equipment for 5G networks are becoming more aggressive.

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