The biggest leak.

The personal data of more than 420 thousand employees of “Sberbank” was leaked to the Internet. The database appeared on a hacker forum Phreaker and was initially available for download to all users absolutely free. A few hours after the publication of the database was removed from the forum.

The staff of the newspaper “Kommersant” has received access to the database and confirmed its authenticity. Our database was present the names and electronic addresses of a few non-public employees “savings Bank”, whose information not previously published on the Internet. In addition, the publication received a confirmation about the authenticity of the database from one of the employees of the Bank.

Representatives of Sberbank said that the promulgated information does not represent any threat neither for the staff nor for the customers. Also, the Bank stressed that this database is available to all employees of “Sberbank” for free use. It is possible that the database file has “leaked” one of the former employees of the Bank.

The information security Department, the Central Bank said that the situation is “unpleasant”. But will the Central Bank take any action in connection with the leak of currently unknown.

Experts believe that the published email addresses of the employees of “Sberbank” can be carried out large-scale phishing attacks. On the other hand, the Bank has all the necessary tools to cope with them, experts believe.

Source: Kommersant.


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