According to “Yandex”, in recent years the network has become much smaller sites with the annoying and prevent the consumption of information is.

To such, the company classifies suddenly emitted on the entire screen banners and abruptly activated the video with a loud sound, which can be closed only after some time. It is with such announcements are fighting corporations, like “Yandex” and Google.

And they do it pretty well: mid-winter 2018 and the number of sites with “bad” is decreased by 86%, and the terrible banners began to appear in 97% less.

To this conclusion employees of “Yandex” came, based on the performance of “Yandex.Browser.” Now it blocks a lot less ad – 90 thousand per day instead of 3.5 million.

In addition, active work has been fuelled by the popularity of ad blockers: they began to use noticeably less. And in the third quarter of 2018, the number of visits to sites-enabled AdBlock has not increased.

Since browsers “Yandex” and Google are the most popular in Russia -23,4% and 44.6% of the market respectively – they bear some responsibility for the purity of the Russian Internet.


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