The Creator of Cydia store, similar to the App Store for i-devices that have passed the procedure of the jailbreak, Jay Freeman announced the imminent closure of the service. The programmer reported that this week, users will have disabled the ability to make purchases and recommend to unlink the PayPal account from Cydia.

In the meantime, users will still have access to previously purchased, as well as the ability to download “tweaks” (modifications that extend the functionality of iOS) from third-party repositories. To close Cydia, Freeman said, encouraged him personal and financial reasons. “I’m losing money on this service and I’m not eager to support it,” he wrote in a post on Reddit.

Cydia was launched about ten years ago. Access to alternative App Store have only “unlocked” device that allows you to install programs from any source.

Now the “breaks” are not so relevant as before. Several years ago the skeleton key was used mainly in order to install iPhone widgets, keyboards and various “twitchy” extending iOS.

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However, in recent years, Apple has brought “OSes” to mind, including including support for third-party keyboards and widgets. Moreover, the risk is a jailbroken iPhone to a lifeless “brick” and any device that passes such an operation, automatically loses warranty support.

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