IOS number 13.1.2 designed to solve a number of problems in the system, only added headache to the owners iPhone — s gadgets massively dumped calls, and the battery quickly loses charge. Experts recommend not to download the update and wait for Apple to fix all the defects.

Operating system iOS 13 continues to receive negative feedback from iPhone users. Despite several updates released, the situation is only getting worse. The owners of “Apple” gadgets massively complain about a number of issues that arose after their smartphones were installed iOS update 13.1.2, according to Forbes.

One of the biggest complaints of users is that after upgrading iPhones stopped calling, which automatically deprives a state of the art gadget features.

Users of Twitter are complaining that because of this bug lost the ability to properly conduct business.

“Constantly miss calls after updating to iOS 13. 13.1.2 after things got really bad. Calls reset for 30-60 seconds. I use the phone for work, not to impress”, the user writes Brian Hinton.

@AppleSupport dropping calls like crazy after the iOS update 13. Really bad after update 13.1.2. Call will drop after 30 seconds to a minute. I use phone for business…not a good impression. iPhone X— Brian Hinton (@BrianHinton77) 13 Oct 2019

Hinton agrees with the user with the nickname @myotheinoo.

“Very often there is no network signal after jailbreak, iOS upgrade 13.1.2. Missed a lot of important business calls! This problem is not solved by switching to airplane mode, need a full reboot. Make it right,” writes a disgruntled businessman.

@AppleSupport Frequent no signal issue after updating to iOS on my iPhone 13.1.2 SE. I missed a lot of important business calls! The issue can’t be solved just by switching to airplane mode. It needs a complete restart. Fix it— Myo (@myotheinoo) 13 Oct 2019

Other users complain about problems with the Wi-Fi networks, as well as extraneous sounds during calls. In addition, there are reports that iOS 13.1.2 contributes to increased consumption of battery and even heats up the device more than usual.

While Apple is actively promoting its new operating system, promising users an attractive new feature. However, given the mass appeal of social networks on iOS 13, the desire to be in the hands of a working mobile clearly defeats the intent to find out what’s new store cupertinos in the thirteenth version of its OS.

“No signal”

Bugs in iOS are nothing out of the ordinary. In the beginning of 2018, it was reported that iPhone owners X hard-take incoming calls — all because of a freezing screen, which does not accept the call. When handling the touchscreen “ten” hung for about 10 seconds, so the user sometimes does not have time to click on a virtual button to accept the call.

According to the Financial Times, some users call and does not display on the screen the call was accompanied by only the acoustic signal. If the call still appears on the display, it occurred with a noticeable delay.

In December last year, the new year’s patch for iOS was also a surprise, in fact, depriving subscribers connected.

This update was released to correct problems in the iPhone in Turkey, but after its release with the problems faced by the inhabitants of other countries.

“Thank you Apple for Christmas… since, as I updated my iPhone to iOS 12.1.2 I can’t get a signal with your network provider. I rebooted the device and now can not activate it. There is no signal. You need to fix it!” — wrote a Twitter user named Alex.

“I checked myself — no connection. As soon as you leave Wi-Fi zone, in hand is brick. If you have an iPhone, I RECOMMEND NOT to upgrade to iOS 12.1.2,” agreed user @albertamtgpros.

Thus when the members asked to support the company with the question, what to do in such a situation, the staff recommended to turn on and off the phone, and also transfer data on the device. It is reported that these measures have not had the desired effect and did not save the users who had to wait for the next update.

In late September of 2019 experts on cyber security found in the hundreds of millions of iPhone vulnerability that cannot be resolved.

It is reported that this vulnerability affects devices starting from iPhone 4S (A5 chip) and ending with the iPhone X (chip A11).

As told “Газете.Ru” senior engineer-programmer Avast Vojtech Barrels, сһескм8 is a really serious vulnerability that uses all that runs on iOS devices, when turned on, and it allows access to all subsequent processes. In addition, this exploit cannot be eliminated by upgrading existing devices, as the applicable code is in permanent memory. The only possible “fix” — buying a new device such as the iPhone XS/XR or later.

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