Available iPhone with LCD-matrix, which will be presented on 12 September, may be much more expensive than previously thought. Sure, Goldman Sachs analysts. According to them, Apple will not position this phone as a “budget” because this niche is very different products.

If you believe the forecasts of the analytical company Goldman Sachs, the value of 6.1-inch display with IPS screen will be an impressive 849 — and is the price for the base model with 64GB on Board. The iPhone 9 with a more capacious storage device, respectively, will be even higher. The experts explain this:

Obviously, Apple will not go to a significant decline in prices, especially given the high demand for the iPhone X when it cost $ 999. For this purpose there are no objective reasons.

Last year came the iPhone X, and then we thought that the sales of this device will not be successful, which in turn certainly would affect the value of securities of Apple. What we see now? Both forecasts have not justified themselves.

Though still there is no reliable information about the cost of novelties, most analysts agree that the cost of the “budget” iPhone should not exceed $ 699. Who in the end is right, we learn already very soon.

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