Camera one, but takes two!

Leading experts called DxOMark camera iPhone XR best among the single. Professionals full have tested the iPhone camera XR and came to the conclusion that it takes better phones with single cameras. Moreover, the quality of shooting iPhone XR ahead of many flagship smartphones with dual cameras, including the iPhone X.

IPhone XR installed a single 12-megapixel camera similar to the lenses in the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. Due to this, iPhone XR allows you to create images of the highest quality, in than in practice verified experts DxOMark.

They tested the camera in different conditions and gave it their traditional assessment. For shooting photos iPhone XR has earned 103 points for the video — 96 points. Such measures have allowed the smartphone to confidently ahead of all the other models with a single camera, including Google Pixel 3. Along the way, iPhone XR outstripped by the quality of shooting a flagship smartphone with two cameras, including the iPhone X and Xiaomi Mi 8.

Experts DxOMark noted in the pictures on the iPhone XR perfect white balance, perfect autofocus and the widest dynamic range. Disadvantages of cells were called non-ideal operation of the HDR and the loss of quality when zooming.


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