For anybody not a secret that the iPhone camera can sometimes give spectacular detail photos. Largely because of this, the camera of Apple’s smartphone was voted the most popular in the world, beating even such well-known manufacturers of digital equipment like Canon and Nikon. And every year, the picture quality only gets better — especially if we take into account the improved camera in the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, which raised the rate of mobile photography to an even higher level.

These bold statements originated not from scratch — the specialists DxOMark have conducted testing cameras iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and awarded them second place for the quality of photo and video. Smartphones lost only Huawei P20 Pro system triple cameras, which is not surprising, given the emphasis on did a Chinese manufacturer.

Experts say that iPhone camera iPhone XS and XS Max was completely identical. Accordingly, all the above is true for both models. And most interestingly, Apple seem to have finally abandoned the practice to equip large versions of their smartphones more advanced camera modules.

In General “race” according the final score of 105 points. The quality of the photos was estimated by experts as very high — one of the advantages was marked by a wide dynamic range, detail, fast autofocus and excellent optical stabilization. In the test video, camera smartphone also has demonstrated excellent results, beating most of its competitors.

According to experts DxOMark, the only significant drawback of the new cameras is the lack of detail in low lighting conditions. Night pictures are not as clear as on other devices. In this test the iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max performed a little worse than usual. Anyway, the drives also remain a great choice if you need the best camera in the mobile device.

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