Almost every smartphone user knows that his gadget carefully monitors all movement throughout the day. However, few people realize how detailed may be the information gathered. For example, the iPhone remembers not only addresses and dates of visits, but also considers how much time did you spend in a particular place.

In the age of ubiquitous wearable gadgets and “smart” devices on one hundred percent privacy to speak of. Modern smartphones default collect a large amount of information about its owner, after which stored inside the device. However, many users don’t even know what data about them is collected and analyzed by a smartphone.

According to Business Insider, the iPhone has a feature which is rather difficult to find in the settings. We are talking about the tab of “Significant Locations” (“Important places”). This feature keeps track of all locations visited by the user, and memorizes the frequency of visits. In addition, the smartphone is recording, how much the owner left the place and even how long to get there by transport.

iPhone is also able to determine where the home and work user — to addresses and the number of the on-site hours.

According to Apple, this list is done in order to “learn places that are important for you”. “Apple” is not the only company that collects such a large amount of information Google has a similar feature called “Location History”.

As Apple claims, the data in the Significant Locations are stored in encrypted form, and no employee of the company cannot access them. It is reported that to access this information via iCloud.

However, if your device falls into the hands of the attacker, he only needs to bypass the security of Touch ID or Face ID, which has flaws. In addition, your relatives or friends that will use also easily able to find out where you visited in the last week.

To find and disable the collection of information with Significant Locations, you need to go into the settings of the iPhone, then select the Privacy tab. The first in the new list will be tab Location Services. After clicking on it opens a list of all applications that collect data about geolocation. You must scroll through the entire list to the end to the last tab in System Services.

If you open the System Services, the user will see all the built-in Apple service, who were given access to geolocation. Among them are the ill-fated Significant Locations tab, on click on which appears all the places that were visited by the smartphone owner, sorted by city. If you click on the city, there will be a more detailed explanation of addresses.

Experts in information security recommend to disable this feature, as it does not carry useful properties. In addition, before disabling it is recommended to remove previously collected information by clicking the Clear History tab. After these manipulations the iPhone will continue to bring about you a large amount of information, but, at least, will not be able to track your every move and record the time that you spend in a particular place.

In January of 2019 in the iPhone has been found a serious vulnerability in group calls to FaceTime have the opportunity to listen to the interlocutor without his knowledge.

So, the user has started a video call using FaceTime, swivel area at the bottom of the screen and choose the item “add person”. After that, he entered his own room, which in the application has started a group call.

From this point the user could hear everything happening near the phone, his interlocutor, even if he hasn’t received a call.

The person on the other side of the wire did not even know that his bugged — no progress bar on the screen did not appear.

It was reported that the problem with unauthorized wiretapping, rather, lay in the group calls to FaceTime, which was launched in November 2018. A new version of iOS 12.1.4 that eliminates a security vulnerability, Apple released only in early February, a month after the detection.

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