An iPhone owner accidentally dropped his smartphone, trying to take a good picture during the flight on the plane. However, thanks to Find my iPhone, the gadget was quickly discovered. Reported by Apple Insider.

3 July 2018 steam avialyubiteley went to fly in a vintage biplane in the American city of Ames, Iowa. Rising to a height of about 300 meters, Arvinder Naberhaus got the iPhone to make an impressive picture. But the gadget slipped from her hands and fell overboard of the aircraft.

The smartphone landed in the middle of a residential area. After the landing of the biplane mistress iPhone use the “Find my iPhone”. First, the search was not successful. The woman was about to buy a new camera, but decided to try to look for the missing one last time. And to her own surprise, found iPhone safe and sound. Gadget was in a case and landed in tall grass that may have softened the fall.

Carfinder and the second passenger biplane can’t believe that the iPhone continues to work. In their opinion, this case proves that “God has a sense of humor.”

Reports of high wear resistance of Apple acted in the past. In 2015, one of the users dropped the iPhone c has a height of almost three kilometers, the gadget remained intact and continued to work. Another American blogger shoots video, iPhone X plunging into the water. He basically doesn’t use a cover or other means of protection from damage.


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